• Infrastructure
  • Education
Expected Completion On:
Aug 2020
Start Date:
Apr 2020

Remodeling of Ufani Primary School

The reconstruction of Ufani Primary School was one of the first projects of Karimu in Ayalagaya Ward. In 2007 the school had only two usable classrooms for its 230 students, which meant that some classes had to be taught outdoors or not at all, depending on the weather conditions. Teachers had no office to meet with one another or with students, prepare for their classes or grade homework.

Between 2008 and 2010 Karimu built from the ground up ten classrooms and two teachers’ offices for Ufani Primary School. Enrollment increased immediately after the reconstruction of the school, as students from other schools were attracted by the new facilities and the learning environment. Since 2008, the number of students increased in 239 %.

The school facilities have been so well maintained by the community that Karimu decided to reward the community’s dedication and maintenance efforts by remodeling the 10 year old facilities. This will give Karimu the opportunity to upgrade the Ufani classrooms and teachers’ offices and make them equal to the quality of Bacho Primary School, which the local government considers to be a model school. In June 2019 Bacho received the Uhuru torch, a symbol that promotes national development.

This project encompasses

  • Remodeling of classrooms
    Wall cracks
    New painting
    New blackboards

  • Remodeling of teachers offices
    Wall cracks
    New painting

Expected benefits:

  • Better learning environment

  • Higher attendance rates

  • Improved academic performance in the national exams