• Education
Completed On:
Jul 2018
Start Date:
Jul 2018

Second Teachers Workshop on Curricular Standards Implementation

Taken place in July at the Agricultural Institute in Dareda Kati town (within Ayalagaya Ward), the second module of the workshop for teachers of the wards of Ayalagaya, Arri, Babati, and Secheda was attended by 66 teachers. Naheeda, an expert in training teachers in remote places, and Prof. Kevin focused on lesson planning, student motivation, meta recognition and class management. In addition to Karimu´s cost, the trainers Leticia, Naheeda, Kevin and Hannah donated all the material for the workshop and covered all their travel costs to Tanzania.


  • Overall improvement in education, as teachers will have a better understanding of curriculum´s overarching concept, and learn core teaching strategies and methods

  • Increased retention of teachers

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