• Education
Completed On:
Jun 2019
Start Date:
Jun 2019

Donation of computer and printer for Haysam Primary School

Karimu installed a computer and a printer at Haysam Primary School. Haysam teachers have completed the Basic Computer Training taught by a volunteer Canadian teacher via videoconference and passed the training with performances scoring higher than 90%. Haysam school is also complying with other Karimu school requirements, such as high teacher attendance, school attendance, students receiving lunch, bathroom cleanness, bucket and brush availability, hand soap availability and menstrual pad availability. This school is becoming a role model for others and we expect that they will be able to show the others how to use a computer to improve education and the operation of the school.

Expected benefits:

  • Increased productivity of teachers

  • Overall improvement in education

  • Increased retention of teachers

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