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Start Date:
22 Jun 2024

Transfer Facility Maintenance Responsibilities to the Government

Assure longevity of Karimu investment and community benefit


Part of Karimu’s agreements with the community to perform construction projects is the requirement to maintain the investments. We see the transfer of this responsibility in three phases: 

  • Phase 1: Karimu leads the monthly management and maintenance of the project and members of the community join us. In the case of the medical buildings, we work with the medical staff to help them understand what to look for, how to record the incidents for tracking, and who to contact to resolve the issues. Costs of maintenance come out of the clinic budget provided by the government. 

  • Phase 2: As the community becomes comfortable with the process, we move to phase 2 where members of the community lead the management and maintenance and Karimu supports them and oversees the process. We gradually reduce our maintenance checks while ensuring the work is being done well and providing feedback to them. 

  • Phase 3: When it becomes clear that the members don't need our involvement anymore, we move to phase 3. In phase 3, Karimu has transferred all maintenance to the community and Karimu is not involved at all. 


To date Karimu has completed these medical construction projects in Arri ward.


Karimu has developed a health dashboard for tracking health statistics at the dispensaries. It also includes a high level summary of the medical building maintenance issues and the timeliness of repairs.


Medical building maintenance for Arri ward is in Phase 1.


  • Grants full ownership of all investments to the community itself

  • Guarantees longevity of donor contribution value to the community



  • Karimu cost: $500

  • Government: Pays for all maintenance