• Sanitation
Completed On:
Apr 2015
Start Date:
Sep 2014

Clean Water for Bacho Primary School and Neighboring Areas

Every morning, Bacho Primary School students had to carry buckets of water from a contaminated river more than a kilometer away back to the school.

Bacho Primary School had no water at all. Every morning, students had to carry buckets to a river more than a kilometer away so that they could haul water back. In addition, students often missed school after drinking the contaminated water. But Karimu piped water from a clean source on the wall of the Rift Valley escarpment, which rises above the village, and installed a filtration system and storage tank. Taps provide clean water to the school and for homes close to the school. The water is also used to plant bananas, beans, and maize on 10 previously barren acres in order to provide additional income to the school. This is critical because schools in rural Tanzania receive minimal funds from the government and need to leverage their farmland for crop production in order to complement their funds.


  • Many fewer instances of diarrheal diseases

  • Attendance rose by 30 percent

  • Income from school plantation provide food for school lunches

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