• Sanitation
Completed On:
Aug 2019
Start Date:
Feb 2019

Fine Tuning Ayalagaya Water Resources

A steady supply of clean water is crucial for community development.

After the successful completion of the water project in November 2018, an independent engineer has audited the water project to make sure everything is running smoothly and recommended the following actions:

  • the construction of a retaining wall, installation of gutters and landscaping around the collection tank in the hills (the larger tank that collects all the water for the 3 other tanks and the 94 water points) to diminish the risk of landslides or erosion

  • the building of a smaller tank to solve water supply issues in Hhewas village

  • the increase of our water collection capabilities, particularly for the areas of Gidimu C and Bacho B (areas within Haysam and Dareda Kati).

This project encompasses:

  • Construction of intake at Gidimu C sub village

5.1 Current project - 2019-10-17 Gidimu C Tank 01.jpeg

  • Construction of 45m3 storage tank at Hhewas sub village

5.1 Current projects - 2019-10-17 Hhewas Tank 02.jpeg

Water tank in Hhewas addressed the lack of water in the Hhewas village.

  • Construction of retaining wall at the water treatment plant

  • Construction of riser tank stand at Haysam primary school

  • Gutters and landscaping around the collection tank in the hill to avoid erosion

5.1 Current projects - Gutters and landscaping - Retaining Wall 06.jpeg

Gutter, landscaping, and a retaining wall around the large collection tank in the hills eliminated the risks of landslides and erosion.

Expected benefits:

  • Safer and stabler structures for water supply

  • Improved supply of clean water for all Ayalagaya villages

  • Reduction of 30 percent or more in diarrheal diseases

  • Higher school attendance and enrollment

  • Improved performance on national exam to qualify for secondary school

Total Cost: $22,902. The community contributed with $1,677 and with:

  • Transportation of material to collection tank

  • Transportation of material to intake plant at Gidimu C

  • Excavation and backfill of underground pipes to Hhewas tank

  • Stone collection and crushing for retaining wall

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