• Education
Completed On:
Jul 2019
Start Date:
Jul 2019

Electricity and Wiring for Haysam Primary School

Access to electricity improves the environment for studying. The lighting of school not only prolongs the number of study hours, but also enables teachers to meet and work after hours. The electricity and wiring at the office at Haysam Primary School also allows the use of the computer and printer donated in 2019. The productivity of teachers has improved since all Haysam teachers have completed the basic computer course offered by Karimu in 2019.

We will wire the whole school once we rebuild it. The renovation of the school is a 2020 project.


  • Improved school performance, as teachers and staff are able to meet and work after hours

  • Safer surroundings due to outside lighting


The total cost of the project was $360: $190 for wiring the school and $170 to bring electricity from the road from the road all the way to the school.

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