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Completed On:
Oct 2019
Start Date:
Oct 2019

Electricity for the Dareda Kati Clinic

Access to electricity can transform the rural areas in many ways.

Karimu built the Dareda Kati Clinic in 2016 to improve the overall health of the population and reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. Every month, on average, 220 pregnant women receive prenatal care, 12 babies are born, over 500 children under the age of five receive vaccination or medical treatment, 120 women receive family planning services, and hundreds of adults come to see the doctor.

Availability of electricity in the Dareda Kati Clinic enables the improvement of the services as better, more sophisticated energy-enabled equipment can be installed in the clinic such as a refrigerator for vaccines. It is also essential for emergency treatment in the after hours such as mothers going into labor during the night.

In 2019 Karimu sponsored the installation of electricity in the clinic, enabling after hours treatments and opening the door for the installation of better suitable medical equipment. The government immediately provided the clinic with a refrigerator designed to store vaccines and other medical products.


  • Refrigeration of vaccines and other medicines

  • Outside lighting has made surroundings safer and increased the use of the clinic

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