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Completed On:
Oct 2019
Start Date:
Jan 2019

Colorful images arouse the interest of learners.

Besides receiving lessons on all courses determined by the government, students are being trained on the best hygiene practices by their teachers. To consolidate the concepts learned, the walls of classrooms and bathrooms are being painted with hygiene and general educational material.

Paintings on the walls of Bacho Primary School classrooms address, among others, topics related to biology, geography, mathematics, English, and Swahili. These visual aids are a fun and colorful way to help students retain information.

5.2 Current projects - Bacho Primary School 02.jpg

The walls of the bathrooms of Ayalagaya Secondary, Bacho and Haysam Primary Schools were decorated with self-explanatory images about hygiene topics. We expect to increase health consciousness of the students, reduce diseases, and, consequently, improve performance on national exams.

5.2 Current projects - Paintings at Girls Bathroom at Ayalagaya.jpg

Paintings are being applied to the walls of:

  • Bacho Primary School

  • Bathrooms at Bacho Primary School

  • Bathrooms at Haysam Primary School

  • Bathrooms at Ayalagaya Secondary

5.2. Current Projects - Schools Paintings Text.jpg

Expected benefits:

  • Increased health consciousness

  • Clearer understanding of educational material

  • Reduction of diseases

  • Higher school attendance and enrollment

  • Improved performance on national exam to qualify for secondary school

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