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Start Date:
Jun 2010

School Classes & Donation of School Material

Every year, Karimu organizes classes for students and donates material to all schools in the ward.

One of the highlights of the Karimu Volunteer trips has always been the chance to interact and have fun with the children in their schools. Initially, volunteers brought art supplies and their creativity to create craft projects for the children. An opportunity for more content based activities arose and the art projects evolved into integrated art, science, math and language arts projects for students ages 3-17. Straw rockets, zip lines, robotic hands, poetry and watercolor shapes are just a few of the projects that gave the students a chance to work with materials not usually available to them as well as to extend their knowledge outside the regular classroom. In addition volunteers take frisbees, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and pumps to Tanzania and organize sports competitions. At the end of our school activities, all material is donated to the schools.

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In 2019, Karimu has expanded the program to the nine schools of Arri Ward. Approximately 650 primary age students in both Ayalagaya and Arri wards learned about geometric forms in a very creative and fun way: they painted with watercolor, built 2D and 3D structures, created puppets and played with beads. The kids brightened up with every new task they were given, and we could realize they got faster and faster once they opened up to the new experience. Karimu donated 30 boxes of color pencils, 15 boxes of crayon, 45 blue pens and 14 rules.

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The secondary school students explored a new way of learning science by building a hydraulic bridge using a basic hydraulic system of syringes and tubing. Teamwork was also addressed during this task. Both topics were developed by a teacher volunteer, but chosen by the local teachers, who were eager to learn the new teaching methods. We have distributed extra supplies among the schools, including specific material for the disabled kids. A poetry and a music teacher worked together with secondary school students to create new songs and lyrics. It was all based on improvisation and jam sessions.

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  • Help students address underdeveloped skills

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