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Completed On:
Nov 2019
Start Date:
Apr 2019

New Classrooms for Ayalagaya Secondary School

Twenty nine students were blocked from attending secondary school.

The success of Karimu´s education program resulted in a record number of primary school students passing the National Exam in 2018. This exam is a requirement to go to secondary school. Unfortunately the capacity of Ayalagaya Secondary School was exhausted. The school simply ran out of classrooms to absorb all new students. As the government had no means to quickly expand the school, it made the terrible decision to block 29 students from attending secondary school.

To allow all students to continue their studies, Karimu reached an agreement with the regional secretary of education and committed to building new classrooms at Ayalagaya Secondary School quickly. The commitment was on the condition that the excluded students be allowed to immediately start their secondary education, although temporary overcrowding would occur. The construction of 7 new classrooms and 3 small offices is done. As part of this discussion with the government, we reached an agreement to transform the secondary school into a high school. The large number of new classrooms is the 1st step towards that.

5.5 Project 2019 - Electricity Installed 01_Intext.jpeg

The installation of electricity at Ayalagaya Secondary School provides energy to light classrooms and the outside surroundings, increasing work hours and school safety. Additionally, it allows teachers to recharge their mobile phones.

In November 2019 students took the national exam at the new classrooms.

5.5 Project 2019 - New Classrooms in Ayalagaya during National Exam copy.jpg

Expected benefits:

  • Secondary education to a higher number of students

  • Increase the number of students going to high school by transforming the secondary school into a high school

  • Overall improvement in education

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