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Completed On:
May 2021
Start Date:
Jul 2020

Completing the facilities for the Dareda Kati Dispensary

In 2016, Karimu built a Maternity Clinic in the Ayalagaya Ward to help reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in its three areas: Dareda Kati, Haysam and Gajal. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of pregnant women seeking medical assistance. The clinic has a full-time doctor, lab technicians and several nurses. Each month, the clinic:

  • provides prenatal care to approximately 220 pregnant women,

  • oversees the births of 12 babies,

  • administers medical treatment to over 500 children under the age of five,

  • assists 120 women with family planning services.

Recognizing a greater need, Karimu partnered with the regional government to expand its services beyond babies and pregnant women. Every month, over 400 adult patients come to the clinic to receive treatment for upper respiratory infections, gastrointestinal disorders, treatment of HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Donations received in 2019/2020 enabled Karimu to increase hygiene and prevent the spread of disease at the clinic by:

  • bringing electricity for lights and refrigeration of vaccines,

  • installing an autoclave to better sterilize the medical equipment,
    5.17 - Patient bathroom and laundry_Autoclave 02.jpeg

  • providing handwashing facilities for the medical staff and clinic’s patients,

  • separating the waiting area to isolate patients with contagious diseases,

  • installing a wall-mounted heater in the labor and post-natal areas to increase the temperature of the rooms used by newly born babies,

  • installing a TV to show educational videos to all patients.
    5.17 - Patient bathroom ad laundry_ TV at reception 01.jpeg

This clinic has rapidly become an essential resource for the health of everyone in the community. The government has recognized its importance and has designated the clinic as a Tuberculosis Diagnostic Center.

We have learned a lot since 2016 and now know exactly what a dispensary needs in order to provide high quality services to their communities. This is now documented in Karimu Health Program and used as guidelines for the construction and/or remodel of all dispensaries. The Gajal dispensary was already built following these guidelines. This project aims at upgrading the Dareda Kati Dispensary in order to conform with the guidelines.

This project encompasses

  • Construction of patient bathrooms accommodating men, women, disabled, adult, and children
    5.17 - Project 2020 - Patient bathroom and laundry -Women washrooms painting.jpg

  • Construction of laundry with sinks, washing and drying area, and storage for clean material
    5.17 - Project 2020 - Patient bathroom and laundry - Completed Laundry building 08.jpg

  • Construction of hand washing sinks for patients at adult and child heights

  • Construction of placenta pit and incinerator with fencing for safe disposal of waste

  • Covered walkways between buildings
    5.17 - Project 2020 - Patient bathrooms and laundry - Completed walkway 02.jpg

  • Fencing and gated entry around the complex

Expected benefits:

  • Lower risk of spreading contagious diseases

  • Improved overall hygiene and safety of patients

Cost: $67,235

The community contributes by

  • Clearing the land

  • Digging the foundation

  • Supplying bricks

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