• Education
Completed On:
Jan 2022
Start Date:
Sep 2021

Teachers’ Housing for Boay Secondary - a KSF Project

Attract and retain quality teachers

Boay Secondary school is the newest school in the Babati district. It resides in a very remote area at the southern border of the district. It is a relatively small (~700 households) and an extremely poor community with 14% of households headed by widowed, disabled, or elderly individuals.

The community has been building the small secondary school (4 classrooms complete with 3 more still under construction) since 2010. It opened this past July with 54 students in Form 1 only ( the 1st year of secondary school). In subsequent years they will add the remaining secondary years. The school is struggling to attract teachers, because the area is poor, remote, and without any housing facilities. They currently have 7 teachers.

The Babati district government asked Karimu to build teacher housing as its 2022 Karimu Social Fund project. This will enable them to attract and retain teachers as the school grows. Karimu is building adjoining quadplexes. Each quadplex will have 4 bedrooms plus kitchen, bathroom, laundry and storage around an open air courtyard. They will also have running water and electricity.

Boay Teacher Housing Layout.jpg

Layout for the teacher’s compound

The community dug and leveled the foundation, and provided the stones and sand for the foundation. Karimu funded the rest.

Boay collage.jpg

Construction progress

2022-01-28 - Education - Boay Teacher's house - Final - 01 small.jpg

Final house

2022-01-28Boay Interior collage.jpg

Interior hall and courtyard

Cost breakdown:

  • Karimu - $55,312.93
  • Community - $4,069.57

Expected benefits:

  • Attract and retain quality teachers
  • Better education for Boay students

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