• Education
Completed On:
31 Jul 2021
Start Date:
01 Jul 2021

Workshops for professional development are seldom available to the teachers of Ayalagaya and Arri Wards. Travel, expense, and time away from their students have all contributed to this lack of opportunity for the educators of the region.The chance to expand their skill set, gain expertise, and be exposed to new ideas is essential for quality education, teacher development, and student success. The teachers of Ayalagaya Secondary School requested leadership training after a similar workshop was conducted for the girls in Ayalagaya Secondary School. After consultation with teachers and the head of school, a three day, interactive workshop was developed and facilitated by Karimu volunteers. Some of the topics included: what is leadership, teachers as leaders, effective teaching and learning strategies, learning modalities, building resilience, power of language, active listening strategies and tools of effective communication. This workshop allowed the teachers to work together, discuss ideas and strategize ways to incorporate what they learned into their teaching practice. Teachers and administration participate in selecting the topics they wish to explore. Teachers receive all materials, both print and online, as well as a topic based resource guide.