• Education
Completed On:
Oct 2023
Start Date:
Jun 2023


Build a Kitchen for Bacho Primary School


Karimu requires all schools to serve a daily meal to all children at school paid for by the community. The impact of this one nutritious meal is far reaching. It boosts student attendance, keeps them fueled for learning, and, for some, may provide their only dependable daily meal. 

The community prepares food for the students


Unfortunately, the Bacho kitchen is a stick and wood hut that is falling apart. Wood smoke accumulates in the hut and is dangerous for those who are preparing the meals as well as for students waiting nearby to get their meal. Regardless, Bacho has successfully fed its students 99% of the time since we have been measuring.

% of students receiving meals through mid 2023


This project will build a new kitchen with fuel-efficient stoves, a serving area, and a storage area for the maize, beans, etc. that are donated by the parents and used for cooking throughout the year.

Layout for the kitchen



The community is providing 20,900 bricks and digging the foundation for the building. 


Bacho has shown itself to take very good care of its buildings as seen in the average days to fix graph for maintenance of their buildings by year through mid 2023.

Prompt response to maintenance incidents


The project officially kicked off in June with the community coming to clear and level the land.

The local community turned out to clear and level the land.


The project completed in October and is in use.

 Upper left: the serving side with accessible ramp and serving windows; Upper right: Backside staff entrances; Lower left: Cooking area with stoves and lots of ventilation; Lower right: Karimu COO and volunteer serving lunch during October visit



  • Improve or sustain school attendance

  • Reduce health risks for cooks and students



  • Karimu cost: $33,829.08

  • Community cost and/or contribution: $1,067.99