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Start Date:
26 Nov 2023

Build new bathrooms for Dohom Secondary School


Like most rural schools in Tanzania, the bathrooms at Dohom Secondary are inadequate and unsanitary. The government threatened to close the school due to the lack of proper sanitation with the current bathrooms. In fact, they had to close the original bathrooms entirely and have structured makeshift bathrooms, little more than holes in the groud with privacy walls until new bathrooms can be built.  To help alleviate the challenges, the education ministry gave Dohom Secondary Tsh 7,680,000 to invest in building new bathrooms. While this is excellent news, it is sorely insufficient to actually complete the entire project which needs to be done urgently to avoid closure.


This project will serve the 281 students and 14 teachers attending. It  will build girls bathrooms, boys bathrooms, teachers bathrooms, and outdoor handwashing sinks, as well as a sanitary sewage treatment system which includes a septic tank, anaerobic filters and soak away pits. 


The site layout plan shows where the new bathrooms will be built in blue.


Here you see the details for the bathroom construction including accessibility for wheelchairs. 

Girls and teachers bathrooms


Boys bathrooms


The community will contribute an extra Tsh 6,260,000, so the total community and government contribution will be ~7.85%


  • Improved hygiene

  • Reduced illness

  • Improved academic performance



  • Karimu cost: $70,181.04

  • Community and government contribution: $5,979.03