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Start Date:
Mar 2024

Gajal Primary Blocks 4 and 5

Providing Inspiring Learning Environments


803 students are enrolled in Gajal Primary School. The students, teachers, and community take pride in their school.  As of the commencement of this project

  • Student attendance is over 94% and teacher attendance is 96%.

  • 85% passed the national exam last year (more than 2.5x the national average).

  • Bathroom supplies (soap, menstrual pads for girls, bucket and brush for cleaning have been available 100% of the time.

  • Hygiene training has been completed every year .

  • All students are receiving daily meals.

  • Maintenance incidents have an average time to fix approaching our target of 30 days.  


To date Karimu has completed these projects at Gajal Primary: 


They currently average 80 students per teacher and 89 students per good classroom. We are working toward closing the gap for getting all students into good classrooms.  Our goal is to have 45 students per good classroom. This project builds the next 2 blocks: one with  3 classrooms and 1 office and the other with 1 classroom and 1 staff room.  This will complete the planned classrooms for Gajal Primary and there is still room in the site plan for expansion in the future. We want all students in Ayalagaya to have bright, safe classrooms in which to learn: that means rooms with functioning roofs, windows, and doors to keep out the rain, wind, and cold,  rooms that are well lit and have legible blackboards, rooms with solid floors that can be cleaned for sanitation and keep down dust, and rooms that provide inspiring learning environments.


New buildings under construction are in blue with completed buildings in green.


The community is providing the equivalent of $3,564 in labor, materials, and cash or a little over 8% of the total estimated cost.

  • Bricks 23000 @100 =Tsh 2,300,000

  • Digging foundation =Tsh 700,000

  • Demolishing of Existing classroom 5 @ 200,000=1,000,000

  • Money in cash = 5,080,000


The community demolished two blocks of classrooms buildings in such a way that many bricks can be reused. They also dug the foundation. The construction is progressing well.



  • Improved student focus

  • Improved student performance

  • Improved teacher retention



  • Karimu cost : $39,711.31

  • Community cost and/or contribution: $3,563.89