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Start Date:
Mar 2024

A New Dental Care Program


The World Health Organization (WHO) says oral health is important to overall health because it allows people to perform essential functions like eating, breathing, and speaking. Prior to this project, the nearest dental services were 25 km from our local area. Karimu is working with the government to introduce ophthalmologist and dental care services into the local region via the Dareda Kati Health Center. This project will provide outreach, education, and treatment for dental services and includes: 

  • Community dental screening.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dental related diseases such as dental abscess, toothache, etc.

  • Teeth cleaning.

  • Extracting and/or filling the teeth with cavities.

  • Educating the community on dental health issues, including an update to the student hygiene curriculum given every year.

  • Mentoring our new local dentist.

  • Referral of all cases which need more medical interventions.


Karimu is providing: 

  • Transportation, lodging, and 3 days payment for a visiting dental professional. This is a very experienced dentist who will both see patients and provide practical oversight and mentoring of the new dentist now employed at Dareda Kati Health Center.

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste for all students and those who come to the clinic for treatment.

  • Equipment for the dentists including gloves, masks, dental mirrors, scaling tips, suction tips, probes,  forceps, gauze, filling materials, antibiotics and pain medications, and mouthwash.


The government has staffed a dentist at Dareda Kati Health Center and provided the new dental chair. 


The dental program rolled out in March 2024 with community announcements the 11th to 17th for dental services and provision of service at Dareda Kati Health Center the 18th to 20th. In three days the two dentists (Karimu-contracted dentist and the Dareda Kati Health Center salaried dentist) saw 408 people come for screening and treatment. People came from Arri and Ayalagaya wards but also neighboring villages such as Masakta, Bermi, Kiru, Gesbert, Bashnet, Dareda, Dabil and Duru. Of those 100 were children , 70 were teenagers and adolescents, and 238 were adults. The dentists worked 11 hour days to accommodate so many people. Most cases that were identified were cavities and periodontal disease.


The new dental chair and the doctors working together on a patient


The nurses also visited Dareda Kati Primary School to educate the students about dental hygiene. Unfortunately, due to the number of people coming for treatment they were unable to visit all local schools. However, the student hygiene curriculum will be updated for next year to include proper dental care instruction.


A student practices proper brushing


We expect to repeat this dental campaign a few times.


  • Improved oral hygiene and reduced dental disease. 



  • Karimu cost: $11031

  • Community cost and/or contribution: Dental chair and permanent dentist salary