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Completed On:
Jan 2020
Start Date:
Sep 2019

Donation of Books and Other Materials for All Ayalagaya schools

Close to six students shared a single textbook.

Every investment in education makes a lasting difference in children’s lives. It is a path towards better jobs, more income and improved lifestyles for the whole community. Unfortunately, schools receive little help from the government and textbooks are very expensive. Each textbook costs at least three dollars, a huge amount for a household that lives on less than one dollar a day.

To keep on improving the education, Karimu needed to significantly reduce the ratio of students per book in all 6 Ayalagaya schools. An average of 5.6 students shared a single book. We reduced this number to two students per book at primary schools and to one student per book in secondary schools. As two students share a desk in all primary schools, we believe this will significantly improve the overall education of the ward.

This project encompasses

  • the donation of enough sets of books to reach that ratio. A set of books contains 1 book for each subject taught in class. The community commits to replace the books as the number of students increases, maintaining the above ratio.

  • The donation of basic, but reusable school material such as maps, dictionaries, musical instruments, etc. enriching environment for all 3,789 Ayalagaya Ward students.

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Expected benefits:

  • Improved student engagement

  • Improved academic performance on the national exams

  • Increase in secondary school enrollment


The community contributed to the project by building shelves for the books and goals and polls for the sport fields. Additionally, they will purchase more books as the number of students increases.

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