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Start Date:
14 Nov 2023

Ayalagaya Campus Bathroom Expansion

Accommodate increasing population


Since Karimu has been doing so much work in Ayalagaya, it has become a popular destination for families to move to. The Secondary School alone moved from being ranked 2103 in the nation to 3rd (out of 4141)! Businesses are blossoming and there are upcoming opportunities for income generation.  Our plan for the Ayalagaya Secondary and High School campus was to support 600 students. However, we currently have over 1100 enrolled! They urgently need more bathroom space so the government contributed some funds and we are closing the gap, expanding the existing bathrooms with as many stalls as the space will currently afford. 


We are adding 6 stalls to the boys and 6 stalls to the girls bathroom, hoping that in another year we will have enough funds to build a second set of bathrooms and a small hostel to serve the growing student population. 


  • Capacity to support hygiene for current student population



  • Karimu cost: $26,850.06

  • Community cost and/or contribution: $4,289.12