• Education
Completed On:
Jan 2024
Start Date:
Sep 2023

Dareda Kati Primary School - Next Block

Give all the students a quality learning environments


Karimu has invested a substantial amount in the schools in Ayalagaya and we are nearing completion. At Dareda Kati Primary school we have built: 


Even having completed this, there are still classrooms in use with little light, no windows, and dirty floors. Blackboards can barely be read. Dareda Kati Primary has 1159 students and 8 good classrooms, so we are still well short of our goals of 45 students/good classroom. We expect that the school needs at least 25 good classrooms. 


Dareda Kati Primary has done an outstanding job of maintaining the facilities that Karimu has built. The maintenance dashboard at the beginning of October shows good responsiveness in fixing maintenance issues.


In fact, Dareda Kati Primary received 3rd place nationally for the cleanest primary school in 2021.

Images around Dareda Kati Primary. Note how the students exchange their shoes at the door to prevent tracking in mud. The students themselves keep the bathrooms clean daily.

Here is the site layout showing in blue the new construction project.

This image shows the site layout, construction that Karimu has completed in green, current project in dark blue, buildings that the government built that need remodeling in turquoise, and future construction in brown.


This block consists of 3 classrooms and 1 teachers office. Each building will have

  • Brick and concrete walls

  • Concrete flooring

  • Large glass paned windows that can be opened and closed

  • Doors that can be locked

  • Roofing

  • Blackboards in each classroom


The community will be contributing to the project as follows:

  • Bricks 20,000 @100 = Tsh 2,000,000 

  • Digging foundation = Tsh 400,000 

  • Cash payment = Tsh 2,840,000


Early construction photos including the community digging the foundation in the upper left.


Mid-phase construction including the roof and plastering

Construction was completed in January 2024


Internal view with chalkboard and lots of light.


External view complete with stairs, ramps, and railing




  • Better learning environments

  • Higher attendance rates

  • Continued improvement in the national exam scores

  • Increased primary school enrollment

  • Increased secondary school enrollment



  • Karimu cost: $41,201.21

  • Community cost and/or contribution: $2,247.50