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Jun 2019

Education and Training for Midwives

Midwives play a key role in improving health and sanitation in remote villages.

Since 2010, Karimu has been educating midwives in pre-natal, post-natal care - an effort led by Dr. Susan Hughmanick, a Karimu board member. In that same year, KAMM (acronym for “Strong Health for Mothers and Children) midwife group was formed so that midwives could support each other in their work. The work continues to regular classes given during the yearly Karimu volunteering trip to Tanzania covering a broad spectrum of topics varying from hygiene to how to recognize risky pregnancies or First Aid Training.


  • With education and the support of a group, women have better access to clean birth environments and education about care during pregnancy and for their infants


  • $500 per year for clean birthing kits