• Education
Completed On:
Aug 2022
Start Date:
Oct 2021

Complete Dareda Mission High School Hostels

A Karimu Social Fund Project

Dareda Mission High School is currently the only high school in the proximity of Ayalagaya (prior to opening the one we will open in 2022) and the top high school in the district. They are overflowing with students and their original hostel is at 150% capacity. Without the construction of a new hostel, the school will be required to reject students who qualify for high school, depressing educational opportunities in the region. To avoid this problem, the community made huge contributions to build a new set of hostels. They were paying for everything, but ran out of money because the price of cement went up by 60% throughout 2021.

2021-11-18- Education - DM hostel - Girls hostel.jpg

The girl’s hostel nearing completion. The boy’s hostel is pictured in the banner photo.

We received a request from the Babati District government and from Daniel Amma, chair of the Karimu board and the educational officer for the neighboring Dareda Mission ward, to help them complete the construction of new hostels for Dareda Mission high school, help to furnish them with beds and cupboards, and build the septic system.

2021-11-18- Education - DM hostel - Boys hostel -  soak away pit.jpg

Here is the stone work for the soakaway pit

The community did almost everything: foundation, construction, roofing, finishings, etc. Our contribution paid for the sanitation systems and the beds.

Here are some images from the completed project.
Dareda Mission Hostel Collage 1.jpg

Painted hallway, external hostel building, room with beds and lockers for storage

Dareda Mission Hostel Collage 2.jpg

The septic system and soakaway pit, the shower room with wash basins and private showers, and flush toilets in the bathroom


  • Greater educational opportunities for students qualifying for high school in Babati district

Cost: $24,719.68