• Sanitation
Completed On:
Jul 2024
Start Date:
Mar 2024

New Bathrooms for Sharmo Primary

Provide sanitary facilities for students and children


The bathrooms at Sharmo Primary School are inadequate and unsanitary.  The stalls are not cleanable. There is no sewage treatment, only holes over pits. Karimu’s first priority in rural communities is sanitation - clean water and clean bathroom facilities to prevent diseases.


Student bathrooms at Sharmo Primary


Karimu is working with the community and government to build girls bathrooms, boys bathrooms, teachers bathrooms as well as a sanitary sewage treatment system which includes septic tank, anaerobic filters and soakaway pits. The government is providing Tsh 28,000,000 (approximately $11,000 and the community will clean and dig the foundation contributing another Tsh 400,000 (~$157). 


Sharmo Primary School is located in Arri Ward and has 311 students and 7 teachers. Student attendance is 89% this year and teacher attendance 100%. The community has provided all students daily meals as is required for Karimu to work at the school.  


The site layout plan shows where the new bathrooms will be built in brown with the sewage treatment off to the lower left.



Here are the layouts for the bathrooms:

Boys bathroom


Girls bathroom


Teachers bathroom


Construction began in early March and is progressing well.


Photos from the foundation coming together
The soakaway pit construction - those stones are heavy!


Floors and walls

The team completed construction on the Sharmo Primary bathrooms in July. Like other projects, they are beautiful and include boys, girls, and teacher facilities, running water, sinks, western toilets for disabled students and squat toilets for others, boys urinals, facilities including a shower, washing, and drying area for menstruating girls, interior and exterior hand washing sinks, sidewalks between facilities, and an integrated septic system.


Exterior view including tank for running water.


Interior views of personal facilities
Exterior view with sidewalks and outdoor hand washing in the middle


  • Improved health of teachers and students



  • Karimu cost: $56,907

  • Government and community cost and/or contribution: $11,147