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Start Date:
Oct 2011

Professional Development for Teachers

Improve the quality of instruction and retain teachers


Karimu provides opportunities for teachers to obtain diplomas or university degrees by providing scholarships that cover 75% of education cost. The teachers are required to cover the remaining 25%. The scholarship is only available to a single teacher for 4 years for 1 qualification or 6 years for continuing education for 2 qualifications.


This program started in 2011 and has enabled many teachers to obtain advanced degrees. It was expanded into Arri ward in 2018.  As of year end 2022,  29% of all teachers in Ayalagaya ward have taken advantage of this program and 16% of teachers in Arri ward. 


In order for the school teachers to be eligible for scholarships, the school must also meet these criteria:

  • Teachers are recording student attendance every day and student and teacher attendance rate at his/her school is above 90%.

  • Passing rate on the National Exam is at or above the passing rate required (based on student/teacher ratio).

  • Every student receives a meal at his/her school.

  • School must ensure the proper use of the First Aid Kit for school needs only.

  • Menstrual pads to all girls at school are available for free at all times.

  • The school is promoting hand washing and good hygiene practices. 

  • If the school has any facilities constructed by Karimu, they also are required to run an annual class on good hygiene practices and proper use of bathroom facilities and ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of the facilities.


Karimu will offer scholarships to up to 70% of teachers in a ward.


A teacher receives her scholarship money

Diploma education is a 2-year course that emphasizes teaching methodologies and ethics. Degree corresponds to a university degree in the west and is the highest level of teacher education. Normally, degree holders are trained in order to teach in secondary schools and teacher training colleges. Training should take four years. Teacher training at this level varies in specializations: teachers training as college tutors specializing in teaching methodologies and education psychology and teachers training to teach in secondary schools, learning many academic subjects but relatively fewer teaching methodologies.


The table below shows the number of teachers who received scholarships, which qualification they received, and the total cost to Karimu per year. Costs range between $250 and $600 per teacher per year


School Year

# of Participants

Degree Qualification

Total Cost to Karimu


6 teachers

4 Ayalagaya, 2 Arri




8 teachers:

4 Ayalagaya, 4 Arri

5 teachers:

2 Degrees, 3 Diplomas



19 teachers:

10 Ayalagaya, 9 Arri

6 teachers: 

2 Degrees, 4 Diplomas



20 teachers: 

12 Ayalagaya, 8 Arri 

4 teachers:

4 Diplomas



23 teachers:

10 Ayalagaya, 13 Arri

5 teachers: 

1 Degree, 4 Diplomas



25 teachers:

15 Ayalagaya, 6 Arri

8 teachers:

5 Degrees, 3 Diplomas



16 Ayalagaya teachers

1 teacher: Degree



8 Ayalagaya teachers

1 teacher: Degree



6 Ayalagaya teachers

1 teacher: Degree



4 Ayalagaya teachers

1 teacher



3 Ayalagaya teachers

0 teachers



2 Ayalagaya teachers

0 teachers



1 Ayalagaya teacher

0 teachers



Daniel Amma’s house before and after obtaining his university degree with a Karimu Scholarship. Daniel was a teacher at Ufani Primary School. He is now Ward Educational Officer for Dareda Mission Ward.


While we cannot draw a direct correlation from this program alone, we believe the combined effects of Karimu’s Education Program are significantly impacting the upward trends in National Exam scores as well as acceptance rates to high school.  See the Karimu Education Dashboard for details on key metrics.





  • Overall improvement in education as teachers learn better teaching methods