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Start Date:
Jun 2017

Donation of Clothes for the Poorest Children

Every year, Karimu provides clothing to the poorest children in the villages.

The division of donated clothes is self organized by the villagers and they use the following priorities:

  • Children with disabilities

  • Orphans

  • Children with other vulnerabilities

  • Children in foster families

  • Children in elderly families

  • Children in HIV groups

In 2017, 429 pieces of clothes, 282 pairs of sandals and flip flops, 76 jackets and 19 pieces of new clothes were donated to the primary schools. Dudie Primary School received 14 pairs of pants and long sleeves t-shirts for the disabled kids.

In 2018, the villages of Haysam, Dareda Kati and Gajal received 312 pieces of clothes and 211 pairs of sandals and flip flops.

In 2019 over 500 pairs of shoes and 500 articles of clothing were donated for the poorest children.

This recurring project takes place when we organize our volunteer trips. Unfortunately, we have canceled our volunteer trips since the start of the COVID pandemic. In the summer of 2023, we are restarting our volunteer trips and hope to be able to donate a large number of clothes and shoes to the poorest members of the communities again.


  • helps meet a basic physiological need i.e clothing

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