Karimu 2022 Goals

Last updated April 2022


Ayalagaya Ward


Complete Phase 1 - Creating a Healthy School - This focuses on providing sanitary bathrooms for all schools. Part of the school's commitment for receiving bathrooms is providing annual student hygiene training. We have completed this phase by completing the last of the planned school bathroom projects.


Sustainability and Maintenance 


See Karimu’s Health Program for an overview of goals and approach.

Complete Phase 1 - Foundation for a Healthy Community - This focuses on providing access to basic healthcare within a 1 hour walk. All of the construction projects for phase one have been completed! We are now focusing on health interventions.

Implementation of Phase 1 of the health interventions - Karimu is driving a series of health interventions based on research into the most important interventions for rural and poor communities. The rollout is prioritized in partnership with the district, ward, and local medical leadership and focuses on those items which will have the greatest local impact that can be delivered with current facilities. Please view the specific project pages for more information. 


Advance Phase 2 - Supporting Medical Staff Retention and Excellence - Phase 2 focuses on improving medical staff retention and excellence through housing and advanced education. The only remaining projects for 2023 are doctor housing, if needed, to support the health center and IT system installation for Gajal Dispensary.


Advance Phase 3 - Expanding the Medical Services through a Health Center - The key goal is to provide access to a health center (a mini-hospital) within a 30 minute drive. The Maternity Ward and the Outpatient Building have been completed. The Overnight Ward is underway and the Obstetrics and Family Planning Building is planned for this year. That leaves the laboratory and mortuary for 2023.


Sustainability and Maintenance 


See the Education Program for an overview of goals and approach. In general, the start of new projects, even given adequate fundraising, is subject to a set of conditions being met by the local community and school. The full list can be reviewed in the Education Program description and status can be viewed on the Karimu School Dashboard, but the most notable ones are feeding all school children a meal, cleaning and maintaining the facilities, providing hygiene education and supplies, and student and teacher attendance rate of at least 90%. 


Advance Phase 2 - Building Adequate Learning Environment - Our goal is to provide healthy, bright, and sufficient classrooms to limit class sizes to 45 students per classroom. Even with all the completed construction we have still only achieved that ratio at 2 schools: Ayalagaya Secondary and Bacho Primary. You can see where we are by school on the Karimu School Dashboard. However, we have put most new classroom construction on hold (with 2 exceptions) until the water maintenance issue is resolved by the community. 


  • Disabled children hostel at Dareda Kati Primary - Planned
  • Classrooms for Gajal Primary - Planned


Open a High School in Ayalagaya Ward - We will be opening a new high school in Ayalagaya in July 2022! It is officially accredited as a science high school. After completing the construction in progress, there are two remaining buildings on hold: the computer classroom and one last old classroom building that needs to be remodeled.


Complete Phase 3 - Promoting Academic Excellence - This phase focuses on providing resources usually missing in rural schools: a school library, adequate books, sufficient desks, sports, and art material and Karimu’s contribution is complete.


Advance Phase 4 - Supporting Teacher Excellence - This phase focuses on teaching quality and teacher retention.


Sustainability and Maintenance


Income enhancement projects focus on increasing the income of households based on the local agricultural economy. We follow the priorities used by the local leadership to ensure more attention is given to those households with greater need, i.e., households with heads who are not able to work, are women, or young adults 18 to 35 years old. We are currently consulting with local experts to develop this strategy. 

  • Vanilla farming -  In progress
  • Entrepreneurship Training - Launching April 2022

Financial Services

The Financial Services Program aims to increase access to capital for at least 25% of households. The program aims to form and train savings groups, support the formation of a federation whose members are savings groups, and provide capital for lending. 




Arri Ward


Bring clean water to Arri - In progress


Implementation of Phase 1 of the health interventions - The health interventions are being rolled out simultaneously in Ayalagya and Arri. See the interventions above in the Ayalagaya Health section. 

  • Health Survey - The same health survey completed in 2021 inAyalagaya will be done in Arri in 2H 2022.


  • Teachers scholarship program - Nine teachers have been granted scholarships for the 2021/2022 academic year.
  • Importance of Education - In progress

Financial Services


Babati District 

Karimu Social Fund


Additional projects beyond our service area

  • Tuberculosis campaign - In progress, supporting Ayalagaya, Arri, and neighboring wards
  • Disabled children hostel - In planning, While the hostel will be built on the Dareda Kati campus, it will actually serve the entire Babati district